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März 2019

Di 19.Show in Google map🇳🇿 Aotearoa New Zealand Solution Focused Practice Conference: Solution Focused practice, mind health and wellbeingNapier Boy’s High School, Chambers St, Te Awa, Napier 4110, NeuseelandWe will be holding our fourth annual conference on Tuesday 19th March 2019, the theme to be associated with ‘wellbeing’.

Our aims are simple, To run a low cost, easy access conference in order to:
  • Bring together solution focused practitioners and those interested in solution focused practice (in the broadest sense).
  • Share practice.
  • Network.
Please also consider leading a workshop.  More info on how to ‘submit your abstract’ on the ‘Speakers’ page and you can submit your abstract here: www.sfp.kiwi/submit-your-abstract/

Please find more details here.

Mai 2019

Fr 3. bis Sa 4.Show in Google map🇨🇭 nla-Tagung "Expedition Lösung"Boldernstrasse 83, 8708 Männedorf, Schweiz
"Ein lösungsfokussiertes Barcamp

Die Vielfalt der Bereiche, in denen Lösungsfokus nützliche und hilfreiche Unterschiede macht, ist beeindruckend. Genau dieser Vielfalt möchten wir an der nla-Tagung 2019 Raum geben. Und weil diese Vielfalt durch die Ressourcen und Ideen der Teilnehmenden erst recht sichtbar wird, laden wir Sie ein, diese Tagung im Format eines Barcamps mitzugestalten und mit uns gemeinsam den Reichtum der Lösungsfokussierung auf der „Expedition Lösung“ zu erforschen."

Details s. hier.
Fr 3.Show in Google map🇮🇹 DIALOGUES: the relationship in the groups and the Solution-Focused ApproachItalientbd
Fr 3.Show in Google map🇸🇬 Singapore World SF Day CelebrationSpringleaf Rise, Singapur
"A group of SF practitioners will be coming together on this day to celebrate SF, discuss SF and basically be SF! Welcome any SF-ers to connect with us on that day!"

For details, see here.
Fr 3.Show in Google map🇧🇪 SF World Day: Samen aan tafel ...Clemenspoort, Overwale 3, 9000 Gent, Belgien"Solution Focus (SF) is een internationaal verspreide methodiek die gebaseerd is op 30 jaar doorgedreven onderzoek naar wat werkt om veerkrachtig verandering aan te gaan. De aanpak richt zich op wat gewenst is (in plaats van het probleem), op het aanwenden van krachtbronnen van de betrokkenen en op het stimuleren van vooruitgang door concrete volgende stappen.

Op de SF World Day willen we met inspirerende voorbeelden van het oplossingsgericht werken op individueel, organisatorisch en maatschappelijk vlak in de verf zetten."

"Het event is gratis ... maar je moet je wel vooraf inschrijven omdat het aantal plaatsen beperkt is. Als je niet komt, laat het ons weten. Wie inschrijft maar niet komt opdagen, vragen we als compensatie 25€ te storten op de rekening van de VVDO (BE85 0688 9472 5906)."

Samen aan tafel ...
Mi 22. bis So 26.Show in Google map🇭🇺 SOLworld Conference 2019: Signs of ProgressTelekom HQ - Workplace of Now, Budapest, Könyves Kálmán krt. 36, 1097 Ungarn
"This year's motto is Signs of Progress. Among the topics likely to be on the agenda are%3A
  • signs of progress within the SF approach
  • signs of progress as an element of interest in our work with clients
  • signs of progress in the position of SF approach among the possibilities for supporting desired change in organisations
  • signs of progress in the visibility of SF in the academic world
  • signs of progress in our communities of practice and how they change and develop
The format we chose has the best of two worlds – a curated fixed programme to make sure that there is enough diversity across the tracks to offer something interesting for everyone in every single slot; and ample time for open space to ensure that the conference is relevant and responds to emergent needs. Add long breaks for mingling,  socialising and spontaneous life-changing conversations and you’ve got the recipe for a conference we think will be one to talk about."

Please find more details here.

Juli 2019

Do 11. bis Fr 12.Show in Google map🇬🇧 UKASFP Conference 2019: Hope in Conversation and ActionBath Spa University, Newton Saint Loe, Bath BA2 9BN, UK
We have received some wonderful ideas for this year’s UKASFP conference, following our ‘call for ideas’. We are now asking for people to firm up their ideas into concrete proposals, and we would love to hear from people who have not been in contact already too.

We want to develop a conference ethos that is both collective and interactive. We welcome submissions from groups of two or more, and whether you are submitting as an individual or a group, we want what you offer to have a strong interactive element.

We also want to encourage submissions from people who have something to share – some research, a project, an idea – that doesn’t immediately lead to interactive activity. We will then have an option of bringing such submissions together into coherent groupings, to enable discussion and the cross-fertilisation of ideas.

Space and time will be made available for poster presentations too, where people can interact around your poster and your ideas.

Please find more details here.
Di 16. bis Sa 20.Show in Google map🇩🇪 EBTA Summer Camp 2019: The philosophical underpinnings of solution focused practiceKleinbuchfeld, 96114 Hirschaid, Germany
The EBTA Summer Schools play an important role in connecting the energy of the 'next generation' of SF practitioners with the wisdom of long experienced old hands.  This year's event in Germany will have a particular focus on the philosophy and theory (if indeed there is such a thing) of SF work, and how that connects with our everyday practice and work with clients.  Ferdinand Wolf (Austria), Michael Hjerth (Sweden), Mark McKergow (Scotland) and Nick Drury (New Zealand, via Skype) will be joined by Naomi Whitehead (UK) and Matthias Schwab (Germany) with philosopher Michael Gerten from the University of Bamberg also contributing.  This is a real one-off opportunity to get up close with some fascinating and crucial ideas in a collegiate setting. And there will be beer! 

Please find more details here.

August 2019

Mo 5. bis Sa 10.Show in Google map🇨🇭 SOL Summer RetreatSeminarhotel Möschberg, Möschberg 7B, 3506 Grosshöchstetten, SchweizIt’s time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our SOL Summer Retreat. It started with a group of 6 enthousiastic SF Practitioners in Switzerland. The mixture of learning, sharing and relaxing together has proven to be successful and very inspiring! It’s one of the best means to fully recharge your batteries!

Following Steve de Shazer’s quote “look at what works and do more of it” we will once again gather with a group of enthusiastic Solution Focused practitioners to connect, inspire, be inspired and fully energized while learning about SF through friendly Open Space exchange, relaxing in the summertime, enjoying the peace and calm of a beautiful venue.

May we invite you to www.moeschberg.ch, a family owned small seminar hotel on top of the hill with a stunning view. This place is just perfect with flexible workshop spaces and a large garden. You will enjoy the hospitality, a wonderful tasty cuisine and the quiet of the mountains (with just a few cows grazing around). The inn can accommodate just around 30 people and will be reserved for us, Retreaters.

As for the program:  we’ll keep the well-proven flexible Open Space formula throughout the Retreat. For those who have not been yet to a retreat: Do you have creative, innovative, playful SF practices to share? Are you looking for supportive partners for professional ideas you are about to develop? Do you have questions you want to discuss with colleagues who have had vast experience in SF work? Come to the Retreat! We all have SF in common, so: trust that the right people will be there to create the right moment so that the right things can happen – in the workshops and in-between them!

Please find more details here.

September 2019

Fr 20. bis So 22.Show in Google map🇮🇹 EBTA Conference Florence 2019: As ifConvitto Della Calza, Piazza della Calza, 6, 50125 Firenze FI, ItalienIf there was no “if”, There’d be no “stiff”; He wouldn’t be stuck With just bad luck. Steve De Shazer (1985) According to the modern conception of psychotherapy, the therapeutic change has to go hand in hand with the change in the client’s worldview.

Please find all details here.

Oktober 2019

November 2019

Mi 6. bis Sa 9.Show in Google map🇨🇦 2019 SFBTA ConferenceHotel Bonaventure Montréal, 900 Rue de la Gauchetière O, Montréal, QC H5A 1E4, Canada
Solution Focused Cultures- Intentional Innovations with Individuals, Institutions and Beyond
Please find all details here.
Mi 20. bis Sa 23.Show in Google map🇳🇿 Fifth Australian & New Zealand Solution-Focused ConferenceUniversity of Canterbury, 20 Kirkwood Ave, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch 8041, New ZealandConfirmed keynote speaker is Ben Furman, from Finland. Details will be available soon.

Please find more details available here.

Januar 2020

Fr 17. bis Sa 18.Show in Google map🇩🇪 SolworldDACH 2020hoffmanns höfe, Heinrich-Hoffmann-Straße 3, 60528 Frankfurt am Main, DeutschlandWeitere Details hier.

März 2020

Sa 7. bis So 8.Show in Google map🇩🇪 Solution Focused Trainers’ Conferencehoffmanns höfe, Heinrich-Hoffmann-Straße 3, 60528 Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland..no detailed information available yet...

Mai 2020

Fr 15. bis Sa 16.Show in Google map🇳🇱 SOLUTION IV Applications of the Solution Focused ApproachKurhaus Scheveningen, Gevers Deynootplein 30, 2586 CK Den Haag, NiederlandePlease find all details here.

Mai 2021