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Mai 2020

Sa 9.🌐 A Solution-Focused Collective Open Space Conference “… disaster often liberates solidarity. A more beautiful world shimmers just beneath the surface…”
Charles Eisenstein paraphrasing Rebecca Solnit’s book – A Paradise Built in Hell

"The Solution-Focused Collective are a loose and fluid grouping of solution-focused practitioners from around the world, who share a belief in the potential of the solution-focused approach to help in the creation of social change, towards greater social justice.  Read our Manifesto"

Please find more details here.
Do 14.🌐 Black Solution Focused Professionals Online Summit
"This is a free meeting of black professionals interested in the Solution Focused Approach where we will have a discussion about the diversity issues in the field and how to address black representation going forward. The goal of this summit is to have an open conversation about these issues and how to move forward with a unified voice."
Please find more details here.
Fr 15. bis Sa 16.Show in Google map🇳🇱 CANCELLED: SOLUTION IV Applications of the Solution Focused ApproachKurhaus Scheveningen, Gevers Deynootplein 30, 2586 CK Den Haag, NiederlandePlease find all details here.

Juni 2020

Mi 10.🌐 Austausch! Vernetzungsanlass Lösungsfokus in der Schule"Diesmal laden wir Lehrpersonen ein: Der Schulstart liegt für die Schweizer*innen schon einige Tage zurück… Womit seid ihr am meisten zufrieden? Was hat euch gefreut und was überrascht?

Und den Austausch + Inspiration nutzend, was möchtet Ihr für eure Arbeit (weiter)entwickeln?

Unser Rahmen für diese Treffen lautet: Wie kann Lösungsfokus*

  • gewinnbringend fürs Lernen und die Bewältigung von (schulischen) Herausforderungen sein?
  • zur Bestärkung von Lernenden und in Schulgemeinschaften eingesetzt werden?

Was soll genau im Unterricht und Schulalltag wie gestaltet werden, damit alle sagen können: IN SO EINE SCHULE kommen wir gerne 'zurück'?"

Weitere Details siehe hier.
Do 25. bis Fr 26.Show in Google map🇬🇧 CANCELLED: UKASFP Conference 2020: Working with disenfranchised, disadvantaged and disconnected peopleStaffordshire University, College Rd, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 2DE, Vereinigtes KönigreichThis conference has been cancelled.

Please find more details here.

Juli 2020

Sa 4.🌐 Solution-Focused Collective: Action Space
"The Action Space will be a solution-focused opportunity to share and develop actions for social change and social justice, wherever you are.  Based on open space principles, you will be able to create themed spaces for intensive dialogue on social issues you are passionate about.  Our best hope is that strong collective actions will emerge and make their way into the world."
Please find more details here.
Do 9. bis So 12.Show in Google map🇦🇺 POSTPONED: 2020 AASFBT Conference: Conversation that creates changeCockatoo Island, New South Wales, AustralienThis conference has been postponed to July 2021.

Please find more details here.

August 2020

Mo 3. bis Sa 8.🇬🇧➡️🌐 SOL Summer Retreat 2020: Nourishing your SF roots to enable your SF Flourishing"The physical Retreat that was planned in South-East England can’t take place due to the current uncertain times, but we couldn’t bear the idea of not gathering in some way. So… we came up with the corona-proof plan to offer a world wide ‘individualised group Retreat’! 

The aim of the Retreat is: Nourishing your SF roots to enable your SF Flourishing

Imagine a time and place for you…

  • Where you can care for and nurture YOU - in whatever ways you feel would be most helpful during the Retreat period... 
  • Where you can take time to reflect on your SF practices - personal and professional - by yourself, supported by others...
  • Where you can make, renew, and strengthen your connections in the SF community - locally and globally


The expectations on those joining the Retreat remain the same: 

  • The focus is on creating a joyful, easeful environment for all to think, learn, share, play, take care of self and others; based our shared curiosity and belief in SF as a practical and useful methodology in work and in life.   
  • You come prepared to be as fully ‘present' throughout the Retreat as possible - create a ‘retreat bubble’.  Give yourself the gift of four whole undistracted days to focus on what is most nourishing for you and you alone as a person and a SF practitioner, as you would if you were away from home with the Retreat group.   
  • You are open to considering SF being discussed and used in ways that are very different to your own.  That is where some of the richest learnings lie…"

Please find more details here.

Do 6.🌐 SF24 - Building hope, empowering change"Four Regions; Four Time Zones; an oodleplex of skills, ability and talent on display from around the world.

 Workshops, presentations, open spaces, panels. All in the comfort of your own home.

 Come and contribute; come and listen; come and network; come and share the buzz that Solution Focus creates!"

Please find more details here.