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März 2021

Do 4.🌐 Watch party - (Restorative) JUSTICE With a Solution-Focused Approach"Facilitated by Owen Chanley, we’ll spend an hour together on Zoom, watching a selected extract from one of the recorded sessions - "(Restorative) JUSTICE With a Solution-Focused Approach", for 10 minutes or so, then enjoy a hosted discussion about the topic presented.

Sofie Geisler will join the call, answer questions, and develop their line of thinking."
Please find more details here.
Fr 19. bis Sa 20.🌐 Solution Focused Trainers’ Conference"This is a very simple Open Space conference for people who train others in Solution Focused Practice or other postmodern / poststructuralist models of practice like narrative, collaborative, etc. We explicitly welcome trainers from our 'cousin' approaches.

We will run this conference with Zoom (and other platforms). You will need a Chrome Browser installed to work with yotribe*"

*Ed. note: yotribe is now wonder

Find more details here.