enprovia Scrum Day 2012

This week, I had the pleasure to discuss Caveats and traps to avoid in agile development and Success factors for medium to large size Scrum projects at the enprovia Scrum Day 2012 in Bratislava, Slovakia (please find my presentations attached at the end of this post).

A great opportunity to chat with practitioners from all sectors (legal, financial, software shops, and many more). Agile clearly has a substantial market share here, so we were able to focus on detailed, tricky questions.

In preparation of my talks, I took the chance to flip through my oldest agile-related notebooks again, reviewing my personal lessons learned from 12 years of work in that field. The Top 10 of traps I had encountered proved to be almost exclusively related to organizational and psychological issues, but even the „techies“ in the audience didn’t resent that. During an afternoon talk, I summarized three central success factors for large Scrum projects.

Lots of interesting discussions at a superbly staged event – thanks again to enprovia for starting this in Slovakia!

The slides, for downloading: Caveats and traps to avoid in agile development, Success factors for medium to large size scrum projects