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Dezember 2019

Do 12. bis Fr 13.Show in Google mapFlowCon, Paris, FranceBeffroi de Montrouge, Avenue de la République, 92120 Montrouge, FranceFlow Con is a Lean Agile conference.
Started as Lean Kanban France in 2012, the Flow Con conference follow the path of studying and sharing knowledge on all practices of working in Flow (Lean, Kanban, Agile, Reinventing Organisations, Beyond Budgeting, ...).

Flow of work, Team work, Value,

This conference hosts 40 speakers, including more than 20 international speakers, with a guaranteed full english speaking day of sessions, including the keynotes.

We are proud to welcome this year : Michael Ballé (Lean Sensei, book writer), Jurgen Appelo, Zobrist (FR), Fin Goulding, Elisabeth Ayer, Karl Scotland, Al Shalloway, Don Reinertsen, Holly Cummins, Nick Tune and many others

Tickets are 450€ for 2 days until November 12th.

You're welcome in Paris in December.

Any question is welcome (French/English) at

Januar 2020

Fr 3. bis So 5.Show in Google mapagile coach camp norwayAsker, Norway
Do 23.Show in Google mapAgile TampereSokos Hotel Torni, Ratapihankatu 43, 33100 Tampere,
Agile Tampere explores ways to get truly meaningful outcomes and true business agility. You will experience how and why to shake the organisational structures, create agile decision making models and value driven portfolios, make investment decisions, measure the results and lead our people. The list is long but the event is not: it is a carefully built package for your agile needs.

Februar 2020

Do 6.Show in Google mapFostering an agile culture through people, leadership and business - Agile Consortium BelgiumBrussel,

Fostering an agile culture is not always easy, there are many factors that impact our organisations and companies. Out of many factors, these three: People, Leadership and Business, can significantly boost your company culture towards becoming more effective.

Location: KBC Brussels (Belgium) || Date: 6-February-2020

A day filled with innovative insights from renowned speakers and interactive workshops

März 2020

Do 5.Show in Google mapAgile NYC Open Space Conference with Keynote 1601 Broadway, New York, NY 10010, USAOpen Space Conference with Keynote by Mary Poppendieck organized by Agile NYC. This conference is also part of the Agile Power Week in NYC. Registration here: